june, 2017

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Albino Jopela reviews traditional custodianship of heritage sites in Southern Africa

Kaleidoscopio’s archaeologist Albino Jopela has written a review chapter on The traditional custodianship system in Southern Africa. The chapter is a contribution to the book Traditional Management Systems at Heritage Sites in Africa published by the African World Heritage Fund (AWHF) in October 2016. With the analysis centred on the Matobo site in Zimbabwe and …

Alex Shankland and Euclides Gonçalves discuss ProSAVANA imaginaries

The Triangular Co-operation Programme for Agricultural Development of the Tropical Savannah in Mozambique (ProSAVANA), generates controversy. At the centre of the debate is the fear that large scale commercial agriculture might produce in Mozambique, similar adverse effects on peasant agriculture as those reported to have resulted from Brazil’s Cerrado Development programme (PRODECER). In an article …

Albino Jopela reflects on Chinhamapere rock art

Archaeologist Albino Jopela’s chapter “Community custodianship and conservation of Chinhamapere rock art site in Central Mozambique“, is included in the edited volume La vitalidad de las voces indígenas: arte rupestre del contacto y en sociedades colonials published in October 2015 by the Instituto de Investigações Estéticas da Universidade Nacional Autónoma do México. Jopela’s contribution discusses …