Alex Shankland and Euclides Gonçalves discuss ProSAVANA imaginaries

The Triangular Co-operation Programme for Agricultural Development of the Tropical Savannah in Mozambique (ProSAVANA), generates controversy. At the centre of the debate is the fear that large scale commercial agriculture might produce in Mozambique, similar adverse effects on peasant agriculture as those reported to have resulted from Brazil’s Cerrado Development programme (PRODECER).

In an article co-written with Alex Shankland from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, Kaleidoscopio’s anthropologist Euclides Gonçalves analyses the subject. Shankland and Gonçalves argue that the imaginaries mobilized for the conception and to challenge ProSAVANA accelerate the reconfiguration of national and transnational networks of farmers and activists working on the issue of land.

The article entitled “Imagining Agricultural Development in South-South Cooperation: The Contestation and Transformation of ProSAVANA” is part of the World Development journal issue on China and Brazil in the African Agriculture published in May 2016.