december, 2017

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Conservation of the Island of Mozambique reliant on international donors

Conflictual relations between Frelimo, the ruling party in Mozambique, and local elites undermine the implementation of various conservation strategies of the Island of Mozambique. Frelimo’s elite conception of the Island as “cradle of colonialism” is one of the reasons for the conflict. Over the years, this view has created conflictual relations between Frelimo and local …

Roads: public services lack proximity between planners and users

Reducing the distance between planners and road users is crucial to the effective delivery of public services in the rural areas of Mozambique, suggests Euclides Gonçalves on the basis of research conducted in Inharrime district, Inhambane. “For Inharrime and other districts of Mozambique, development will require the inclusion of the history and imagination of beneficiary …

Kaleidoscopio at the Social Life of Waste-Art Exhibition (SLOW-Art), Johannesburg

Kaleidoscopio researchers Pedro Julião e Daniela Guita participated in a waste-art exhibition held in Johannesburg on the 24th of September of 2015. The works presented were the result of a three-day workshop held in Johannesburg under the SLOW-Art project. The SLOW-Art is a regional project involving researchers and artists from the cities of Johannesburg, Pretoria, …