We bridge policy-making and everyday experiences through multidisciplinary, holistic and innovative research.

Politics of affect

The idea of development is often seen as the result of rational and instrumental processes. In this paradigm, there is little room for understanding the symbolic and affective dimension of economic and political processes that lead to development. By focusing on public acts of state representatives and actors in development processes, this line of research is devoted to the analysis of political representation at the same time that it seeks to document the voices of the beneficiaries of these public acts expressed in art form.


Albino Jopela
Amâncio Miguel
Euclides Gonçalves
Tirso Sitoe

Today’s heritage

This project explores and documents elements of tangible and intangible culture legally recognized as part of the Mozambican cultural heritage. It investigates the limits of existing models of classification and recognition in light of everyday practices in contemporary Mozambique.


Décio Muianga
Jean-Michel Serufuri
Rufus Maculuve

Choreographies of intimacy

Our concern with social inequalities and human rights often leads us to emphasize how human relations are socially constructed. In the course of these political struggles there is a silence about the crafting of interpersonal interactions in intimate practices. This research line analyses dimensions of intimacy centered on the human body – a site where pleasures, political and economic projects are imagined and materialized.


Carla Alberto

Edson Mugabe
Sandra Manuel
Victoria Nembaware